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5 Signs Your Air Conditioner Is Dying

AC–The cool breeze after a long day under the sun, the silent companion that makes your indoor life a comfortable retreat. But what happens when this trusty ally starts showing signs of wear and tear?

Before you find yourself amid a sweltering heat wave with nothing but a fan, it's very important to recognize the telltale signs that your air conditioner is on its last legs. So grab a cold drink, settle in, and let's explore how to spot the SOS signals from your AC unit before it's too late.

Trust us, this is one read that could save you from a summer of sweat—and who doesn't want to avoid that?

Not Cooling

Imagine you're sitting in your living room, trying to relax but instead–you're feeling like you're stuck in the middle of the Sahara Desert. Your AC is humming away but it's not doing anything to cool you down.

Now before you hit the panic button, check your thermostat. A lot of times, people forget to do this. But making sure it's set to "cool" instead of "fan" or "heat" can make a huge difference. You'd actually be surprised how often this simple step is the quick fix you need.

Also, over time, dust and debris can turn into a dense barrier, making it very tough for air to pass through. A clean filter not only improves efficiency but also extends the life of your unit.

And if your AC is still blowing hot air even after you've played detective, it might be time for an air conditioner repair or, dare we say, air conditioner replacement.

Leaking Around Your Unit

Spotted a suspicious puddle of water around your AC? It's probably crying for help, isn’t it? Well, it's perfectly normal. A little bit of sweat during hot summer days won't do any harm. But if it's producing more water than it should, it's time to take action!

Note that it's highly recommended to have a professional technician take a look and fix any leaks, check that everything's fixed up properly, and make sure the refrigerant is charged up just right. Get it checked ASAP!

Noisier Than Usual

When your once quiet buddy starts making new noises, it's not trying to impress you but rather it spells T-R-O-U-B-L-E.

The first thing you can do is to pinpoint where the noise is coming from. Is it a whistle, rattle, or buzz? Each noise has a different story to tell. If it's a rattle, it probably just needs some tightening here and there. Usually, it’s just a loose panel or screw.

A quick inspection and a few turns of your trusty screwdriver might be all it takes. But for sounds resembling bangs, screeches, or anything that makes you go "That doesn't sound right," it's best to turn off your unit and call in the air conditioner service pros.

Short Cycling

Your AC should go through relatively regular cycles, regardless of the weather. If it's turning on and off more frequently–it's a big no-no.

So check your air filter first. A clean one ensures smooth airflow, keeping your system running efficiently. Now, if this continues even after a filter clean/change, it may require specialized knowledge and tools to diagnose and fix it. No DIY here, please!

The Great Energy Bill Spike (AKA Your AC Is Less Efficient)

Noticed your energy bills creeping up without a reasonable explanation? If your AC is working harder to cool your home, it will use more energy. This inefficiency can be due to several issues.

You guessed it–we’re circling back to the air filter. A simple part of your unit, yet it has a massive impact. Now, onto the thermostat. Sometimes the smallest changes can have the biggest impacts, so ensure it’s set to an efficient temperature for cooling.

Moreover, overcooling your home not only leads to unnecessary energy use but also puts that extra strain on your AC, which could lead to premature wear and tear. You can also check if the fan setting is on 'auto' rather than 'on,' as continuous running can really bump up your bill.

But what if you've checked these and still find yourself facing an inexplicably high bill?

Well, like all good things, air conditioners have their prime time. An older unit might not only lack the efficiency of newer models but also struggle to keep up with cooling demands, resulting in higher energy use. It might also be that your system needs a tune-up or, in some cases, a discussion about air conditioner replacement.

Noticed Any of These SOS signals? Air Conditioner Not Working? Call Your Local Air Conditioner Repair Services

Don't wait until you're hosting a sauna party against your will.

Contact GJ Appliances HVAC today for top-tier air conditioner service, repair, and installation. Always same-day service available!

Happy AC means a happy home. Stay cool, friends!

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